Deva Cassel : Has 14 years old, the daughter of Monica Bellucci mesmerizes in red lace

The beauty in legacy

If his mom Monica Bellucci (54 years old) had started modeling to pay for her studies, Deva Cassel continues to pursue the path mapped out by her mother in the highly-prestigious Italian brand. Monica Bellucci has worked for Dolce & Gabbana until 1990 and is now the spokesmodel for the brand Nivea. Deva Cassel itself will be the face of the fragrance Dolce & Gabbana.

Vincent Cassel loves to surround himself with beautiful women. From 1996 to 2013, the French actor was in a relationship with Monica Belllucci. To their union were born two daughters : Deva (14 years) and Leonie (9 years). Happy dad of a small Amazon that he had with his new girlfriend Tina Kunakey, Vincent Cassel is definitely going to live with women around him…