E3 2019 : Our summary of the conferences of Bethesda… And nerds of Devolver

Microsoft was not the only firm to present new. The games publishers had prepared for the event, as shown by Bethesda and Devolver. The main subsidiary of Zenimax certainly has not delivered info on the highly anticipated The Elder Scrolls VI , but was offered a line-up solid for months to come.

The american firm has even taken to court by presenting two new IP ! The first, called Ghostwire Tokyo, presents itself as an action game/exploration takes place in a japanese capital in the throes of a strange phenomena. The title sheet of a heavy atmosphere and enigmatic that we are very interested. We have not been able to see gameplay and no date has been communicated. But our curiosity is piqued !

The second, called Deathloop, we comes from Arkane Studios (Dishonored, Prey…) and will be available on PS4 and Xbox One. The trailer showcases two assassins using all of their capacity for harm. The title we will discover the island of Blackreef and should be articulated around a time loop to be reborn into the infinite. No gameplay here, but there is trust in Arkane to amaze us.

Well decided not to let go of the Fallout 76, Bethesda has just announced a major update, named Wastelanders. It will have new weapons and items, but especially to embark on new quests (and hopefully more inspired). Good news, the dialogue multiple choice makes its true return.

But this is not all. The editor has also presented Nuclear Winter, a Battle Royale mode to face up to 52 players available for free throughout the week.

As often with Bethesda, the FPS are never far away. Beyond Doom Eternal, which we told you about in our recent preview (and which will be released on November 22, 2019), the conference revealed Wolfenstein Youngblood. The new Machine Games, and Arkane Studios will be able to live together since the players will play the two daughters of Blazkowicz. We can expect the action extravaganza and the big red spot.

It’s been some time already that Bethesda focuses on the mobile market, and it was a new time in the spotlight at the conference. Therefore, it was learned that The Elder Scrolls Legends would be entitled to an update called Elsweyr.

Still in the same universe, The Elder Scrolls : Blades will offer him an all-new adventure on iOS and Android. The title will also be ported on the Nintendo Switch to next fall.

Finally, it has been able to attend the return of the license Commander Keen, without seeing much of anything.

The firm has also shown interest in the cloud gaming, citing Orion, a technology of optimization of the games ” in the cloud “, which allows to reduce the required bandwidth for the streaming of 40%. Ideal to enjoy good latency, but also to democratize this vision of the game more quickly.

Do you want more ? Well you should know that Devolver was just after Bethesda and, once is not custom, has been noted ! The editor of the independent has delivered a show, recorded a short (twenty minutes), but intense.

The opportunity to discover the titles on which works the studio. For example, we have insight into Fall Guys : Ultimate Knockout, a party game in the sweet smell of Battle Royale well-lit, which is to survive the trials and be the last in the fray. But a video is sometimes worth more than words. The race is scheduled on PS4 and PC in early 2020.

Carrion presents itself as “a horror game inverted” and its principle we plot already. In this roguelike for the least original, you play as an alien to the evolving capacities, which will attack humans to develop. The atmosphere is successful as we can see in the trailer.

Much decided never to do like the others, Devolver has announced the release of a new version of the very good in Enter the Gungeon… On arcade. Here, you’ll have to play from the pistol which is quite rare in a dungeon Crawler. Price of the terminal in question ? 4999 dollars. It is what it is.

It was also learned that The Messenger would be entitled to a free extension named ” Picnic Panic “ from July 11 next.

Finally, Devolver has finished in style by posting a new excerpt of his action game, My Friend Pedro, scheduled for 20 June on PC and Nintendo Switch. Once again, the antics and explosions were at the rendezvous.