E3 2019 : What you need to retain the conference Nintendo

Gooigi and Banjo-Kazooie

Credits Rare

Without surprise, the conference E3 2019 Nintendo has been marked by the official announcement of Luigi”s Mansion 3. The program of the innovations devised by the japanese studio, a new co-op mode dubbed ScareScraper mode, but also the return of Gooigi, the alter ego ghostly Luigi. Not only is the character will be able to attend the big brother of Mario in his adventures, but the latter will have the option to sneak everywhere where a human being normally constituted would be unable to go. Not precision at the level of the date, but the Big N promises that the game should be available before the end of the year 2019. It has also been discovered the identity of the new fighter of Super Smash Bros Ultimate. This is the duo Banjo-Kazooie, which promises already wreaking havoc in the arena.

Link creates the surprise

Another game highly anticipated by the community, the remake of The Legend of Zelda : Link’s Awakening, which gave us a gameplay video relatively significant footprint of nostalgia. In addition to restore the essence of the original game. Rendez-vous on the 20th of September 2020 to (re)discover the title. Before next year, it will always be possible to embody Link or Zelda in Rate of Hyrule, dated June 13, next one is in just a few days.

It will finally be necessary to wait until the last seconds of the conference to see Nintendo actually create the surprise, with the unexpected announcement of a sequel of the adventures of Link and The Legend of Zelda : Breath of the Wild. An adventure that should not happen on our screens, but the few cutscenes we have clearly given you want.

The catalog Switch fabric

Rather late in regards to its catalog, the Nintendo Switch will see some major names in the video game to join its ranks in the coming months, particularly with The Witcher III Complete edition, or Resident Evil 5 and 6 expected before the end of the year. Waiting for the release of the action-RPG Trials of Mana, the sequel to cult – Secret of Mana at the beginning of next year, Nintendo has already announced that the original games would be soon available on the online store. Spyro is also expected to make its arrival on the console is a hybrid of Nintendo, just like Ni No Kuni, Doom, Alien Isolation , or even Minecraft Dungeons will also supplement the catalog of the console.

In addition to several arrivals well felt on the console, we also note the arrival of several games which is scheduled to release in a few months : After a brief appearance of the logo Netflix, which suggests a possible collaboration, we are learning as well as the original series The Dark Crystal, announced by the platform for the August 30, 2019 will also be entitled to an adaptation of the video game, without more precision, however. No more Heroes 3 will also come out on the console by 2020, as the very intriguing Empire of Sin, which should be anchored in the middle mafia of the 30s. Animal Crossing New Horizons will be a slight delay, and will finally be available on march 20, 2020. Finally, Nintendo took the opportunity of the conference to formalize the arrival of a new installment of Mario and Sonic at the olympic Games, with several new disciplines, new, dreamy.