EA gives the name of a true resistant German to a nazi soldier Battlefield 5

Building on a historical event and devastating for a product of entertainment is bound to be a business at risk, even if it has never prevented the Second world War to become the privileged world of the video games of war. If most of them came out without any glitches, Battlefield 5 has recently created controversy by giving a new character a nazi the name of Wilhelm Franke. The problem, ” says Vice, it is that Wilhelm Franke was the name of a real member of the anti-fascist resistance in Germany during the war, the total opposite of the character created by Electronic Arts, so.

Alerted, Electronic Arts has wanted to be clear in stating that his character was not a nazi, just a German soldier. Actually, the Wilhelm Franke Battlefield 5 does not have the characteristic insignia of the nazi regime, but his uniform betrayed happily their membership, all the more that his behavior in the trailer for the game, cruel and haughty, and fits perfectly to the stereotype. Moreover, this argument of EA is not really valid in the sense that a swastika does not appear in the game, for reasons of respect towards the victims and de-politicisation.

In spite of all, the editor apologizes for having used the same name for his character a real personality. ” We have been made aware that one of the names of our elites, Wilhelm Franke, sharing the name of a member of the resistance in the real life in Germany during the Second world War, said Electronic Arts in a press release, stating did not want to disrespect anyone, and stating that the character’s name will be changed in the final version.