EA Play E3 2019 : three new EA games Originals, Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order, but no surprises

In accordance with what was préssenti, Electronic Arts has been fairly quiet for this edition of E3, with few surprises in the program, and an Anthem to subscribers absent. Let’s start by the refreshing part of the advertisements of the publisher, who has presented three new indie games that will be released under the label EA Originals.

Three new EA games Originals

However, we need to be patient, because little information has been disclosed about these three new licenses. It starts with a new game studio, Hazelight, which will succeed ” A Way Out “. Two certainties about it : it will focus also on co-op play, and will be longer than its predecessor.

The second studio to prepare a new game is the Swedish Zoink, also known to have published the game ” Fe ” under the label EA Originals. What we know for the moment, the newcomer is called ” Lost in Random “, and it is a action/adventure game that will look at the concept of luck.

The last of the trio will be developed by the studio Glowmade preparing a game of the type action-RPG by the name of ” RustHeart “, which should appeal to the engineers in the grass as he will make his own robot. All of these games will be available via subscription to EA Access on Xbox One, PS4 and PC.

Star Wars : Jedi Fallen Order

Among the advertisements of the publisher, we start with the one that is surely the most-awaited : the new installment of the Star Wars series. As the gameplay video of 14 minutes on the watch, the title focuses on a solo adventure, third-person full action and punctuated by the powers of the force.

Apex Legends : Season 2

The game that has known its hours of glory a few months ago is a loss of speed, so Respawn Entertainment and EA are planning a Season 2 to restart the machine. Named Combat Load, this new season brings its lot of new features : a new character : Wattson, a young woman, a new weapon dubbed THE-STAR, or new game mode Rated 1.0 where players will compete according to their levels (spread over six rows).

Battlefield 5

The great rival of Call of Duty will soon take advantage of its chapter 4, which will bring two new multiplayer maps : Marita, of large size, and Operation underground, on the contrary, much more closely, that we can discover in a trailer of gameplay released for the occasion. We learn by the same occasion, the chapter 5 will land this fall.


Finally, EA has presented what seems to be one of the largest developments of its famous title success of simulation in football. For its next iteration, the game will be featuring a new mode street, named ” Volta “. Already announced in the past by the publisher, we now know that it will be possible to compete in 5v5 maximum, by calling his own team with a story mode.