Ellen DeGeneres sexually abused by her stepfather : her mother responds…

Invited in the show of David Letterman, My Next Guest Needs No Introduction (Netflix), Ellen DeGeneres (age 61) has made some revelations shocking. The tv star and wife, actress Portia de Rossi has explained that one of his fathers-in-law had sexually abused her.

Ellen was 16 years old when her mother, Betty DeGeneres, came out with a “dirty type“. Taking advantage of the illness of Betty, who is then suffering from cancer of the breast, this man has sexually assaulted the future star. “One day my mother was out in the city, he told me that he had felt a lump in her breast and that he needed to touch mine. I want to, because I haven’t done anything, I was too weak to deal with it.” Later, she manages to confide in her mother who didn’t believe immediately. The woman, aged now 89 years of age, wished to take the floor in turn.

In a statement released by CBS News, Betty DeGeneres does know : “I know that one of the hardest things after a sexual assault is to talk. I love my daughter and I would have liked to have the ability to hear when she told me what happened. I live with this regret and I will never wish any parent. If a person in your life with the courage to speak up, please believe it.

David Letterman, She DeGeneres tells that his mother has come to understand and asked for the divorce. “We, the women, we believe that we are worth nothing, or so we are afraid to make our voice heard to say no,” insists Ellen. When I see someone take the word, especially in our time, it makes me mad with rage to see that the victims are still being called into doubt because we do not invent what is happening to us.