Ellen Page : her Naked with his wife Emma for the month of pride

Ellen Page, famous as the month of pride ! The famous american actress has published a photo of her posing naked, in the arms of his wife, the dancer and choreographer Emma Portner, she also bare. A superb image of the two women who are about to exchange a kiss, captured in black and white. “Merry month of pride ! I send you love, “commented Ellen Page, adding an emoji rainbow. A publication, which demonstrates very well the complicity and tenderness that has developed between the two young women, trusted by more than 440 000 worshippers.

On January 8, 2019, Ellen Page and Emma Portner celebrated their first wedding anniversary. A union that was celebrated in its complete discretion after only a few months of relationship. “I am beyond grateful to all those who fought for us to be woman and wife. I love this human being magic. I’m really lucky, “said the actress To Rome with Love. The two women seem to have been a victim of a stroke of lightning, and multiplying the adorable publications of them two on Instagram.

Very engaged in the cause LGBTQ+, Ellen Page had made his coming out in 2014, at a conference of the NGO Human Rights Campaign. “I’m here today because I am gay. Maybe I can change things, to help others, to have times more happy. I’m also selfishly : I’m tired of hiding myself and lying by omission. I suffered for years because I was afraid to do my coming out. My spirit suffered, my mental health and my relationships have suffered. We deserve to experience love fully and fairly, without shame or compromise“, she said. He still wishes a lot of happiness.