Émilie Nef Naf, her weight gain : a photo of his before/after is impressive !

2017 VS. 2019. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, it’s the game and it’s a bit like the pounds ! The important thing is that you feel good in our body and in our spirit. I think that it is the more complicated, now it is necessary to keep the motivation, never losing hope, never losing her focus on her goals than it is for a personal project, for a weight loss or weight gain, “wrote the young woman in the caption of these photos.

In comments, users are many to compliment the beautiful and ensure the prefer with its 64 pounds ! Words that will warm quickly certainly is the heart of the pretty brunette. Remember that after the birth of her children Maëlla (6 years) and Menzo (4 years), Émilie Nef Naf had gained weight. While she was not feeling well in her skin, she had made the decision to lose those few pounds through sport and a healthier diet.