Emily Ratajkowski : Criticized for her sexy photos, she publishes more !

The race for the title of star most sexy of the planet is played out mainly on social networks. Emily Ratajkowski y delights millions of users, but suffers also a few inappropriate comments. To those who the process of”idiot“, the bomb responds : “I run a business here, in fact !

The brand, founded by Emily Ratajkowski, Inamorata, has just released its new collection of swimwear. The creative 28-year-old is promoting on Poosh, the site lifestyle of Kourtney Kardashian. The two women are maintained at about Inamorata. They have also discussed their use of social networks, where Emily and Kourtney like to post sexy photos.

When you publish a sexy image, the first reaction is ‘oh my God, still naked, you’re so silly, you have nothing else to offer !’ And I say to myself ‘I run a business here, in fact !’“, explains Emily Ratajkowski.