Emmanuel Macron, Elizabeth II and Donald Trump: Gathered in tribute to the Landing

Handshakes are warm, tributes and breaks music : this June 5, 2019 at Portsmouth, in the South of England, Emmanuel Macron , has found the queen Elizabeth II, the prince Charles, Theresa May, and the Canadian Justin Trudeau for a day dedicated to the commemoration ceremony of the 75th anniversary of the Landing. Already present in the uk for the past three days, Donald and Melania Trump were of the party.

As reported by AFP, Wednesday morning, the celebrations started with the projection on a giant screen images of the “D-Day” showing these soldiers who, at the peril of their lives, landed on the beaches of Normandy. A dozen veterans are then mounted on the stage, shocked, before being greeted by a standing ovation from the audience. On the evening of June 6, 1944, more than 150,000 Allies had laid foot on French soil, of which more than 10,000 were killed, wounded or disappeared in the operation, according to figures from the Caen Memorial. Portsmouth was the port of departure for Sword Beach, normandy beach the eastern most of the five selected for the landing of Allies in Normandy (West of France), the largest operation of its type in the number of vessels engaged.