Emmanuelle Seigner seduced, Christopher at the piano and the coronation of Chantal Thomas

Emmanuelle Seigner and Christopher were part of the dignitaries who attended the Award ceremony The Vaudeville theatre, Wednesday 12 June 2019. This prize is a literary award, since 2004, a work in French, which is proof of spirit. For a few years, it has carried the name of Price of The Dome before returning to the brasserie Vaudeville who organizes it, in the 2nd arrondissement of Paris.

The actress and singer attended the coronation of Chantal Thomas for his story on the East Village Blues (Threshold). It is the successor to the great Play boy Constance Debré, awarded in 2018, but also to authors like Virginie Despentes, Fabrice Luchini or even Pierre Bergé.

It is the jury who announced the name of the winner after it is split among seven other works : Honoring the fury, Rodolphe Barry (Finitude), As the bitch, Louise chenneviere on (P. O. L), How it all began, of Philippe Joanny (Grasset), Nancy Mitford, the lady of the rue Monsieur, by Jean-Noël Liaut (Allary), a Long time has arrived, Christophe Mercier (Bartillat), The bones of girls, in Line Papin (Stock), and Edmonde, Dominique de Saint Pern (Stock). Chaired by François Armanet, editor-in-chief of The Obs, the jury is composed of journalists Bayon, Sylvain Bourmeau, Clara Dupont-Monod, Alix Girod de L’ain, Marc Lambron, Gilles Martin-Chauffier, Fabienne Pascaud, Bertrand de Saint-Vincent and Pierre Vavasseur.

During the evening, very good child, Christophe was put at the piano and the guests were surrounded. Among them, the collector Pierre-Jean Chalençon as viewers well know for his participation in the show Case concluded on France 2. Were also of the party, the photographer of the yéyé Jean-Marie Périer, the model Jovanka Sopalovic, the sports journalist Daniel Lauclair, the journalist (Arte) Elisabeth Quin, and the actress Gabrielle Lazure.