eSIM iPhone : possible takeover in June at Orange and returned home SFR

Things are moving, finally, to the question of the compatibility of the French operators with the eSIM of the iPhone XS and XR. According to several of our sources, Orange is planning to take over the eSIM of the iPhone this month.

Support in may was in the study, but the launch has been a little delayed. It was finally in June that it should be possible to subscribe to a package to Orange on the eSIM of the iPhone XS/XR, thus releasing the nano-SIM for an other package/operator.

After a information ofiPhoneAddict that we have been able to corroborate, SFR expects to offer an option eSIM for the Apple Watch cellular this month — Orange is currently the only operator that is compatible with the watch of Apple.

SFR should not stop in so good way. According to our sources, in support of the eSIM of the iPhone is planned for September.