Estelle Lefébure at the natural and Natalia Vodianova in neon at Roland Garros

Roland-Garros still attracts the stars. This year, they have been very many to take the pose in front of the now-famous photocall dirt. On 7 June 2019, the clash between Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal drew from the beautiful world, beginning with Raphael Enthoven. The always resplendent Estelle Lefébure has taken the pose au natural, hair in the wind, and white sneakers.

Even look casual for the actress Anaïs Demoustier, also in sneakers white. The huge Spanish director Pedro Almodovar was also of the party, just as the top model Russian, Natalia Vodianova. The girlfriend of Antoine Arnault wore a dress particularly dynamic, in pants, a neon green. The actress, Working Girls Laurence Arné had left a nice jacket Lacoste vintage, then thatAna Girardot wore a dress 100% jean.

Also note the presence caught the eye of Thomas Sotto and his accomplice, Anne-Sophie Lapix. The sparkling Anne Marivin is also paid to the game of the photographers, as the consultant for BeIN Sport, Tatiana Golovin. The figure skater, Nathalie Péchalat, had come without his companion Jean Dujardin, with whom she is in a relationship for 2014. Together, they have also welcomed an adorable little girl, Jane, in December 2015.