Eva Longoria, rapid return to work after childbirth : “It was hard”

Eva Longoria doesn’t show his happiness of a young mom ! The actress, 44-year-old just to be on the cover of Parents Magazine, posing all smiles with her adorable son, Santiago (1 year). In the pages of the american monthly, the unforgettable interpreter of Gabrielle in Desperate Housewives talks about being a mother and of his manner of educating his son, so that he is “a good man” when he will be bigger. “I hope to be a good mother to Santi, but I will not say never ‘This is the system I currently have set up and therefore everyone should do it’, “said Eva Longoria.

After giving birth, the actress and producer had referred to the fate of these children separated from their parents as undocumented by the police in the u.s. to the mexican border. “With the media attention focused on the birth of my son, I wanted to shine a light on these families who have been separated to the mexican border. Now that I have a child, I can’t imagine that I removes. Families must remain fused, that is why we must do everything we can to reunite them“, she said on Instagram. A year later, this sentence is unchanged. “I can’t even imagine losing my child in this system and never see it again. I could not write this post without crying“, she says. Eva Longoria has returned to Tijuana, mexican border. “Santi was with me when I went. It is not gone in the camps of migrants, but it is always with me, “she continued.

Eva Longoria also spoke of the education of his son. “I have the impression that there is more pressure to raise a good man in this world, he understands the importance of equality and feminism. But this is not him, saying, it is showing every day in her life“, explains the young mother.

If she talks a lot to his son, Eva Longoria does not want that we remove her femininityor even her roles very sensual : “Too often, it gets more roles sexy, or we should stop for a moment once one has a certain physical.”

Eva Longoria is very quickly returned to work, six weeks after the birth of Santiago. “Return to work was hard. Breastfeeding at work was hard, just for the timing. Pump the milk, feed the baby, sleep and do not sleep. You do it and that’s all“, recognizes it. But Santiago gives him so much happiness in everyday life. “He is healthy, funny, kind, he sleeps, he eats it… It makes it so easy !”, she concludes. A beautiful mother-son relationship.