Facebook aims Apple taclant these big companies that sell expensive equipment and services

A small music unpleasant to the ears of Apple is in the process of moving quietly in the Silicon Valley. Nick Clegg, the newly appointed head of “global business” of Facebook, has defended his end-of fat during a conference in Berlin. This lieutenant of Mark Zuckerberg was keen to recall that Facebook was free, ” for everyone “. He continued his reflection : “other major companies in the technology sector generate revenues by selling hardware or expensive subscriptions to services, or in some cases both at the same time, consumers in developed markets and rich “.

Nick Clegg, CC BY 2.0

For Nick Clegg, these companies represent a club ” exclusive “, in which can only enter users with the means to purchase equipment and services with high added value. Allusion : this is not the case of Facebook. “There is no exclusivity in Facebook. No VIP access. No business class “, explains the leader, who carried the mantra of the social network : its services are accessible to everyone, everywhere. “More than 2 billion people use our platform, because they can “.

Apple is never specifically mentioned in this rant, but it is obviously the Apple that we think of. The complaint against ” Apple, it is for the rich “, this is not the first time hearing it. Sundar Pichai, the boss of Google, was singing a similar refrain during Google I/O : for him, the respect for private life may not be a “luxury property” only accessible to a handful of able-bodied (read : Confidentiality of data : the boss of Google to tackle Apple in sweet).

This is not the first time that Apple and Facebook will take the spout. In march 2018, Tim Cook had down Mark Zuckerberg about the scandal Cambridge Analytica and its disastrous management by Facebook. More recently, during his speech in front of the students graduates of the university of Stanford, the CEO of Apple had taken to the social networks (without naming Facebook) accused of promoting hate speech and fake news that poison the debate, that leave the trainer of security breaches and increasing violations of privacy.

Whether you like it or not, what you build is what defines what you are , “said Tim Cook. “It seems crazy that someone needs to say it, but if you build a factory to produce chaos, you can’t not be held responsible for this chaos “. This is Facebook (and Twitter, which is not bad either chaos) covered for a summer that promises to be decidedly warm between the giants of tech.