Fan Bingbing : chinese actress broke off her engagement

The life of the people can know about the different endings, wrote the Chinese 37 years old. The love and tenderness that we have stored in our common life are transformed into eternal power. Thank you for your generosity, your support and your love. Thank you for your kindness and I wish you love in the future. We are no longer ourselves, we are always us.” A separation that has put an end to their engagement announced in 2017, after the actor had asked for her hand with the star at her birthday. Fan Bingbing and Li Chen met on the set of the tv series The Empress of China in 2014.

The star of’X-Men: Days of Future Past (2014) has recently made itself after having disappeared from the media for nearly three months. She finally reappeared in October 2018, apologizing after the government has called for $ 129 million of taxes and penalties : “today, I feel a huge fear and worries about the mistakes I made, had written the former member of the jury of the Festival de Cannes, always on her account Weibo. I have betrayed my country, the expectations of society and the love of my fans. Please accept my apologies. I ask you to forgive me.”