Fauve Hautot : Spectator radiant at the Crazy Horse with her lover

In eight years and eleven seasons of Dancing with the stars, hundreds of millions of tv viewers have applauded the numbers of Fauve Hautot. This week, the pretty redhead has taken their place by attending the premiere of a musical show. The dancer was accompanied by her darling, and she crossed Arnaud Ducret and JoeyStarr.

Monday 3 June 2019, Viktoria Modesta and the cast of “Bionic Showgirl” have kicked off their residency at the Crazy Horse. Several celebrities have attended their representation, including Pamela Anderson and Fauve Hautot. As the ex-heroine of’baywatch, the dancer and choreographer of 33 years, visited the prestigious cabaret of the avenue George V in the 8th arrondissement, accompanied by her boyfriend, Jules Renault.

Fawn and Jules were therefore not the only couple invited to this representation. Arnaud Ducret and Claire Francisci, singer Aria Crescendo speaker and her companion Gus Forristal also took the opportunity to get out in head-to-head.

Viktoria Modesta has all blown away !