Felicity Huffman all smiles with his daughter Sophia, a graduate, after the scandal

Blow a little in spite of the criticism and the fear of prison… Felicity Huffman, as a proud mom, could not fail to attend the graduation ceremony during which his daughter Sophia (age 18) has been rewarded 10 June, at the Dolby Theatre district of Hollywood, Los Angeles. The actress has recently pleaded guilty in the case of bribes regarding children stars admitted in prestigious universities… It has paid $ 15,000 to a company specializing in the preparation of the exams so that the results of his Sophia to be falsified.

It is therefore quite natural that Felicity Huffman has chosen to meet the eyes of others by going to applaud Sophia, who received his diploma after completing his studies at the Los Angeles County High School for the Arts. The student was called on stage by his full name Sophia Grace Macy, a name easier to wear at this time and that she must to her father, the actor William H. Macy (Shameless) – which was present. As stated in the Mail Online, the lady occurred with his comrades on stage to perform one song, and excerpts from plays.

As a reminder, Felicity Huffman pleaded guilty Monday 13 may 2019 to have paid bribes, which will allow him to avoid a trial in the media. Mainly known for her role as Lynette Scavo on the series Desperate Housewives, this mother of a family could escape from the prison farm. The prosecutor has requested against it four months in prison. A requisition, well below the maximum sentence to which it is exposed : twenty years of prison and 250 000 dollars of fine. The judge will rule on the award of Felicity Huffman on 13 September. Remember, that it is not required to follow the request of the prosecutor and the sentence of the actress could be increased.

Thomas Montet