Finally, the synchronization flags between Mail on iOS and macOS

Mail on mac and Mail on iOS (13) know how to harmonize the colors of the flags that were assigned to haul them to sort. In 2012, this lack of synchronization between the two software Apple was among our favourites of mouth, that is to say if the wait has been long !

Mail on iOS and macOS, now the colors of flags are synchronized

Currently, on the Mac, if you assign specific colors to your mail to distinguish them, or because it follows a method of organization, these e-mails on the iPhone and iPad will be equipped with a flag, but one and the same color orange. So much the worse for your ranking.

Now, these colors are synced through iCloud, it works happily with the mail couriers. With the first beta, the sync is almost instant and no need to have necessarily macOS Catalina, the test was done between iOS 13 and Mojave.

The setting to choose between a representation of this mark by a flag or a chip has not changed. By contrast, in the menu of the flags in Mail on macOS, it has an additional command : Enable/disable the flag, in addition to “Remove the flag”.

Apparently this second command allows you to temporarily remove the flag and when you reactivate it, it will use the colors that you had used previously.

To assign a flag (or a chip colored one) on iOS, things are changing because we now have the right to choose a color. In the list of mail, through the act side, it was always the “Flag” that adds one, taking the last color used.

Since the inside of a Mail or when it displays its preview, the menu item “Mark a flag” opens a row of color. Finally !