Flappy Royale : When Flappy Bird is played to the sauce Battle Royale

The success of Fortnite is definitely makes small. It does not pass a month without a new title (or old !) not based on the gender Battle Royal. This type of gameplay, pitting dozens of players face the same objective (often, survival) are passionate about a good portion of players on all platforms. And development studios have realized that. This is not for nothing that giant companies like Activision or EA are put through their biggest license Call of Duty and Battlefield.

But this time, it is a game infinitely less complex that is involved : Flappy Bird. The title of Dong Nguyen, who had been a huge success in 2013 comes back with the same principle… But the face 99 of the players !

You always be in control of a small bird, the purpose of which is to pass between pipes very close to each other. But this time, you can observe the “ghost” of your competitors. The goal is simple : go as far as possible without dying.

A principle is simplistic, which adds yet a lot of issues since we observe the number of his opponents to diminish over the crossing, to finally confront the best of all. And it is clear that skimming is fast. We’re not going to lie to you, it is rather addictive. So if you want to lose a little time on this beautiful sunny Friday, we leave you the address to try… just In case !

The game (still in open beta) is also available on mobile.