Fnac Darty reveals its ranking of the brands high-tech the most reliable

Credits Huawei / Honor / Apple

Published a few days ago, this new study Fnac Darty based on his barometer after-sales SERVICE has helped to highlight the top brands of high-tech considered the most reliable of the time. Next smartphone, so it is Honor, Huawei, and Apple competing for the podium. If apple signs a new arrival in the standings, so this is a no-fault for Huawei, and its new brand Honor, that provide the first and second places in the ranking of 2019. Despite his banishment from the territory of the united states, which accuses him of political espionage, the chinese brand seems to be rather well placed in terms of sustainability.

Credits Fnac Darty

Even if this ranking unveiled by the group Fnac Darty and Harris interactive promises to bring pleasure to the marks concerned, it remains nevertheless to be taken with a grain of salt. In fact, if the durability of the products is taken into account, there is here no question of their being able to repair. A brand that falls more often failed, but that provides efficient guidance on the change of the original parts can thus be ruled out of the ranking in favour of other brands, more complex to repair, but the products last longer. An important parameter to take into account, when we know that today, 40% of the purchases of smartphones are after a failure, and that the average life of a terminal is only three years old.

For laptops, it’s Apple that goes up in the top ranking. Apple, which was presented last night its new computers during the conference WWDC, which is then followed by HP, which, for the first time in the ranking, and Lenovo.