For less than 40 euros, this SSD portable USB 3.1 will you be essential !

Version 256 Gb at a price of 38 euros

Version 360 Gb for the price of 46 euros

Version 512 Gb for the price of 60 euros

Version 1 To the price of 104 euros

This SSD STmagic SPT31 M. 2 SATA3, looks like USB 3.1 with a metal design, and can therefore connect to a computer very simply. It offers a speed reader up to 500MB/s and write up to 420MB/s, depending on the manufacturer. It weighs only 40 g, and a thickness of 9 mm and a height of 71 mm.

Here is our getting started

We have received a copy in order to test if the product was functional and our early returns are quite positive. Note that for its first use, the SSD must be initialized via the tool “Manager of disks” Windows, then formatted, and a “drive letter” should be attributed to him. Then, it will work like a USB stick are pretty standard, and offering rates following transfer (version 512 Gb) :

On Windows the latter is really recognized as a drive (local Disk) and not a USB drive, it is therefore possible to install software on it, or even a Windows to boot directly from it.

As you can see, the SSD laptop is really the size of a USB key (here, a Sandisk 32 Gb USB 3.0). The design is quite sober and metal, the USB port is retractable. Its thickness of 9 mm and a weight of about 40 g can bring it everywhere.

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