François-Xavier Demaison and Anaïs married: fiery fuck friends and stars of fire !

Among the singers, you can see friends like Franck Dubosc, who shared with FXD the poster of the comedy” All Inclusive, or Juan Arbelaez, now his partner, Laury Thilleman , and who has shared in the atmosphere at the time of the group photo at the sound of I Can See Clearly Now Jimmy Cliff. While many Miss France had gathered in Paris for the opening of the world Cup of football is feminine, and the very sportive beauty queen crowned in 2011 enjoyed this the wedding fairy, in the company also of the designer Mathieu Bartelat Colin, and shared with beautiful images. Elsa Zylberstein, the dancer Denitsa Ikonomova, with Rayane Bensetti that we see fleetingly in his story, the filmmaker, Hugo Gélin, Barbara Cabrita, Antoine de Caunes, Stephane De Groodt, Arnaud Ducret were also of the wedding.

What assembly ! Between his wife and his friends, it’s no surprise that François-Xavier Demaison is said to be “on a cloud“, in its release Instagram of D-day showing the decor of her wedding. “Do heat the pool, “commented then Franck Dubosc. He could also speak of “blue dream“, given that there seems to have been a time Disney, with a Jasmine, an Aladdin, and Snow White !