Françoise Hardy, exhausted by his cancer : “I have lost the hearing of one ear”

In November 2018, the family of Françoise Hardy confirmed that she was suffering froma small tumour in the pharynx. A new difficult for the one who was in remission from 2016 a cancer of the lymphatic system that she fought for over ten years. This June 25, 2019 on the antenna of RTL, the artist’s 75-year-old tells the recent battle and the loss of hearing in one ear, which compromises the rest of his career.

Sing it now seems impossible : “I lost the hearing in one ear because of radiation therapy. I do not think that one could sing properly, even with a hearing aid.” Françoise Hardy wrote no more : “Ah non, non, non, I can only write from a melody, from the moment I have a project to disk. For the moment, I am not sure of getting to sing again, or even want to have. I am the age I am, that is to say 75 years, I think I have enough of it sung like that.

No one else, the last album by Françoise Hardy, is released on 18 April 2018. The album met a great success which had done much good to his interpreter. “It made me laugh a lot be second-sales for three weeks behind Maitre Gims. There, I said to myself, this is surreal.

I am the age I am, that is to say 75 years, I think I have enough of it sung like that.

Referring to the recent cancer, the artist describes terrible side effects : “I had cancer of the pharynx, and, apparently, the tumor is eradicated, but it can always come back. You never know with these things. It is devious. But, but, the side effects of radiation are horrendous. And there, I really going through a tremendously difficult time. When you don’t have saliva, you can’t eat normally, “says Françoise Hardy. One thinks inevitably to Véronique Sanson who has suffered the same side effects before coming back brilliantly on stage in the spring.

The interpreter of personal Message continues her story : “You can’t live normally. Battling is a big word, but I am obliged to feed me, to stay in life, to do lots of things extremely restrictive. And then I am obliged, always, to see doctors, examination. Most of my time goes to that. I will as usual… There, as I have just been talking a lot to you, my mouth is more dry, and it becomes very uncomfortable.” Françoise Hardy tells us that if the tumour is very treatable, it should be eighteen months at least to return to a normal life : “Go to a restaurant with her friends, it was still one of the great pleasures of my life.” The singer admits to keep up with his friends, precisely, but also to Jacques Dutronc, “a husband who is very present“, and their son, Thomas. On 12 February, Jacques Dutronc entrusted precisely to the Parisien : “We send each other messages every day. His second cancer is cured but suffer side effects. But as they say in the movies, it’s going to go. It is a resistant, Françoise.