Fresco Ultra : the clerks finally got the water fountain connected

Cat owners who do not want to leave the faucet of the bathroom open all night (these little beasts have a nasty tendency to prefer water that flows) which have long since acquired a fountain a water filter that glougloute. But now, we live in a connected world, and of course it was necessary that these products to take the decisive step. The Fresco Ultra Petoneer combines the best of two worlds that would not have perhaps ever had to meet.

This water fountain a 2-litre capacity includes a system of triple filtration, coupled with a UV lamp (which destroys up to 99.7% of bacteria). Its LED indicator lets you know the level of water available in the tank, and indicates when it is time to change the filter. The engine maintains a higher level of noise around 40 decibels.

But what makes the interest of this fountain, it is its connection to the Wi-Fi (only on the 2.4 GHz band). The application Petoneer indicates the water level and its quality. It will send notifications when either the engine or the filters are clogged. Here it is, long live the progress. The fountain is sold 99,99 € chez Macway.