Gabriele Grunewald, who died at the age of 33 : The letter poignantly of her husband

For ten years, doctors have diagnosed a rare form of cancer Gabriele Grunewald. The specialist of the half-the bottom is dead at the age of 33 Tuesday, 12 June 2019, within the palliative care centre of the hospital of Minneapolis (Minnesota). His career took off in the years 2000 and Gabriele, who was at the time under her maiden name, Anderson, was a true revelation of the race.

Only, when she was 22 years old, and was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer of the salivary gland. Despite heavy treatments, Gabriele won the u.s. title in the 3, 000m us in 2014. Everything seemed to go better, until the doctors discover that the carcinoma adéoïde cystic reappeared, having just played in two events for the national olympic teams. It will play its last competition in the 500 m at the championships of the United States.

“Life has given you the more difficult tasks.”

His health has declined from 2018, but it continued to run with her husband. On the account Instagram of the young woman, we can still see these beautiful images of their footings. Incidentally, it is on the social network that Justin has decided to pay tribute to him, publishing a letter poignant that he had written a few years before his death. “Thank you for showing me what it was like to be in life. Even if I didn’t always shown it, I have cherished every second. We are in the process of running, to discover a new series to Netflix, or just hanging around in bed. Nothing surpasses the feeling I have when I see you smile, “he wrote.

I know that life is scary and we have won the lottery of uncertainty, and this is not fair, but I still chose this life uncertain. (…) I know that life has given you the most difficult of tasks, that to remain strong despite these huge doses of fear. The task of smile when your throat te petrifies pain and that your eyes want to cry. (…) There are no words in the dictionary for what you suffered or what you are. The word courage is not strong enough in comparison to what you are to me and many other people. People will remember you for your races, but that girl who never gave up nor lost hope. I love you“, he said.

Justin and Gabriel have jointly created the association Brave Like Gabe (“Brave as Gabi” in French), which helps cancer patients through the physical exercise.