Game Builder : the workshop of creation of 3D games Google

Everyone, or almost everyone has a game idea behind the head. But nobody, or almost, has the skills required to develop it. Google wants to give a chance to everyone with the Game Builder, a sandbox that lets you develop and play a game of “house” are fairly simple, almost… playing.

Once the software is downloaded for free on Steam (it is PC and Mac compatible), one can start from a blank page or one of the three examples already developed (a platform game, a shooting game or a game of cards). Ideal for putting the foot in the stirrup ! It was also an idea of gameplay available — this workshop software allows you to design almost any type of game.

Each element of these demos can be modified and its behaviour edited, thanks to a system of cards on which were stacked to the actions and movements to perform. No need to plunge both hands in the Javascript code, even if it is still possible to take a look at it and edit it. A tutorial is also available, and one can begin the design of a game from a canvas type.

The team Area 120, in charge of experimental projects at Google, has made sure that the design of a game, either from scratch or from a sample, is as easy as possible. In fact, we find ourselves in any way in front of a Minecraft-like where it comes to file blocks (hundreds of 3D models are in the catalog, many others can be downloaded on Poly) and imagine the life that goes with it.

Game Builder allows you to create games to practice solo, but nothing prevents us from conceiving of securities to be several, and play with his friends. The software, free of charge, meets the privacy rules of Google.