Good Omens : When a christian association request to Netflix to cancel a series Amazon

Visibly shocked by the content of Good Omens, a christian association has managed to gather nearly 20,000 signatures to try to ban the series inspired by the cult novel by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman. According to the claims made by the group, to present an angel (Aziraphale, played by Michael Sheen), and a demon (Crawled, played by David Tennant) friends, decided to stop the apocalypse, indeed, would be simply inconceivable. In addition to trivializing Satan in the guise of a “normal” child, and to show the knights of the Apocalypse as bikers, the christian association would have very little appreciated the fact that the series presents God as a woman, and that of the nuns define themselves as adorers of evil, as revealed by The Guardian in an article recently published.

A drama of christ, which, however, aroused (despite himself) a wave of teasing a little bit everywhere on the web. Not to mention the message carried by the petition, it turned out that this last had been addressed directly to… Netflix. Damage to a series produced by Amazon and the BBC. If the error has been corrected since then, she has obviously aroused a wave of comments on social networks. Community manager Amazon Prime also seems to be given to heart joy, in apostrophant directly the competition on Twitter : “Hey Netflix, we will remove the Stranger Things, if you remove Good Omens”. For his part, the creator of the series Neil Gaiman has asked internet users to “say nothing” to the christian association, qualifying the situation of “too nice”. A shot of buzz unhoped-for grouping christian who will see with satisfaction that Good Omens is not on Netflix, but that should not win the case for as much face to Amazon Prime Video, little decided to cancel this excellent series.