Google confirms the rumors about the Pixel 4

In the Face of many rumors in recent weeks about the Pixel 4, which should be officially presented in October, Google has chosen a path very different from that of Apple. Where Cupertino grits teeth, doing everything to avoid future leaks and says absolutely nothing officially until the keynote, Mountain View has chosen to… confirm the rumors. 😳

The official account @MadeByGoogle managed by the division material of the giant of search has tweeted this image which shows the back to the future Pixel 4. It confirms that the smartphone will rise to more than one camera on the back, two in the present case, but also the square design with rounded edges that circulated for a few days. There are two cameras, but a design of diamonds, with the flash at the bottom and an additional sensor at the top.

It is a way to cut the grass under the foot to the rumors and maybe hide a novelty more interesting… you’ll notice that we only see the back on the photo. It is also a rather well to pass it before Apple, which must adopt the same design on the back for its future iPhone. With its Pixel 4 in October, Google would have gave the impression to follow its competitor. This will not be the case, obviously.

This is a strategy that would not have denied Radiohead. Rather than give in to the blackmail of a hacker, the british group has published himself eighteen hours of audio recordings captured during the creation ofOK Computer. If you are interested, you can listen to the music on the BandCamp page of the group and even buy these studio hours for 18 £ (about €20).