Google Drive is testing a new mode of offline storage on PC

Credits 377053 via Pixabay CC

The cloud, it is well. But when we find ourselves without an internet connection worthy of the name while we absolutely need an important document, it’s immediately more complicated. To remedy this problem, Google had already introduced the offline storage of the files in Docs, Slides and Sheets on the web. Today, the american giant takes it a step further by announcing on his blog that the extension of the functionality, now available for Office documents, images, PDF, and other format which does not belong to Google as the relays the site Engadget.

Credits Google

For the moment only available in beta, and is available to customers the directors of a account G Suite, the improvement in the offline mode will soon be deployed to all accounts, Google Drive, and allow access to any document, file or media, even when there is no internet connection available nearby. Note that the feature is currently limited to the Chrome browser, but Google has already announced that it plans to extend its compatibility to other browsers in anticipation of the official launch of the tool on all accounts Google Drive. Hope that this will actually be done in a few months.

If the arrival of the offline mode for all files sounds like a novelty that is well thought out for users of Google Drive on the PC, the tool is already available on Android smartphone and can access their documents from anywhere, without any connection. Provided, of course, to have synchronized the files in question in advance. All documents available off-line is then available from the Offline tab.