Google launches a free platform to create video games without knowing coding

Credits Google / Steam

A video game to create video games, it is the idea rather promising Area 120, the incubator’s internal Google to allow enthusiasts of gaming to imagine their own creations without the need to technical skills prerequisites. Available on Steam for Mac and PC, the software, called Game Builder allows to build from A to Z a video game with a simple interface, which offers the user to add and modify the content ingame with maps commands virtual intended to perform an action, or a particular event. A library 3D-filled pre-existing models is also available.

Credits Google

If the experience Game Builder has the false air (borne) of Minecraft, and other games in the sandbox that you can encounter on computers and consoles, the tool created by Google is not limited to a few drag-and-drop on the screen. In addition you can easily build a 3D game, the user can also use the creation of Area 120 as a true collaborative platform, allowing multiple players to test and modify in parallel the content of the project.

“And if creating games could be as simple and fun as play ? And if you could enter a virtual world with your friends and create a game together in real time ? Our incubator Area 120 has responded to this challenge” – Google

Credits Google

Credits Google

And to experience even more complete, a map editor command is also available… the condition of mastering the Javascript language. An additional feature that allows the Game Builder not to be limited to the minimum.