Google Maps will alert you soon if your taxi make a detour

Credits Deepanker70 via Pixabay CC

In the midst of a test phase in India, this new feature of Google Maps could soon allow its users to be alerted directly on their smartphone in case of unforeseen detour on the part of a taxi driver. Since a few days, the application experiment in the effect the tool will Stay Safer, which allows you to enter a route, and be automatically alerted if the driver makes a mistake, or made a detour voluntary. A new feature discovered by XDA Devlopers, and highlighted by the site The Verge, which should reassure more of a on the road, while limiting the potential scams.

Credits XDA Developers

After you have entered a point of arrival in the application of Google, it will soon be (may be) possible to select the option Stay Safer before you commit to the journey. This last will then offer two features : be alerted in case of unexpected change of route (off-route alert), and share it with a friend you trust the geolocation of your phone during the trip (share live trip). Tools that will of course prevent the initiatives felon of some taxi drivers, but which should also secure the passengers the more anxious, especially in the case of a race in an unfamiliar city.

Obviously, the application provides a short margin of error, in order to allow the driver the freedom to define its own itinerary, and change in the event of a disruption of traffic. An “authorization” of a deviation of 500 meters will be given prior to the triggering of any alert. After having attacked the radars automatic a few months ago, so it is with taxi drivers disloyal and the security of its users, as Google Maps seems to want to tackle. Remains to be seen whether the feature will be evidence-based, and if it will happen one day in France.