Google Pixel 4 : this leak is furiously thinking about the next iPhone

If there is an item that does not seem to be unanimity, with the leaks of the next iPhone, it is his design, and, in particular, this plug square to the back of the smartphone to place the three sensors, photo alleged. Of course, this design isn’t official, and we have the confirmation in September during the keynote of Apple, but there are very strong chances that the future smartphone from Apple looks like.

However, it could be that the leaks of the future iPhone have been inspired by Google. On this rendering, suggested by the famous leaker OnLeaks with Pricebaba, the Pixel 4 to be unveiled, and it makes us furiously to think of the renderings of the iPhone this year. To tell the truth, apart from the ” G ” of Google on the back, the leak was just a render of the iPhone XI, as we see a flower for months.

This report is based on a prototype in an advanced stage of production, and it teaches us a number of details regarding the future Google smartphone, in addition to its design close to the next iPhone. Well, anything that the module square to the rear suggests that Google would have decided to offer several photo sensors in its Pixel 4, where its predecessors have always simply a single sensor. Yet, with a simple sensor, the Pixel 3/3a/3 XL are proven to be capable of the best, then we do not dare to imagine the feats of photographic permitted by several objectives.

Credit : OnLeaks / Pricebaba

You can also see the fingerprint reader, formerly located at the rear of the smartphone, is conspicuously absent on the back of this rendering of the Pixel 4. Therefore, it would seem that Google has opted – like most of its competitors – for a fingerprint reader built in to the screen, or even for a facial recognition advanced Face-type ID.

Unfortunately, the screen is not lit up on this leak, hard to see the solution chosen by Google to integrate the front-end sensors. The Pixel 3 XL was extensively criticized in the last year due to a notch very impressive, but Google seems to turn to a more elegant solution for his successor. The rumors indicate that the firm of Mountain View would opt for a punch way Galaxy S10 on its future Pixel 4.