Google : a quiz to detect the misinformation

This course takes the form of a quiz in which the child will need to take the right decisions to move a small robot. It is necessary for example to distinguish a credible source from one that is not all, or even to find a malicious URL.

A quiz to do with the parents

The goal of Google is to help users to gain a critical distance vis-à-vis the flow of information and solicitations they receive each day. Especially for the youngest internet users.

The activity called “Reality River (Don’t Fall for Fake) ” is unfortunately only available in English. It is part of a broader set of course started some time ago, “Be Internet Awesome, ” aimed at teaching young people good practices on the internet.

Three other courses are available, all in the form of a fun game : “Mindful Mountain (Share with Care) “to learn how to have a good reputation on the internet,” the Tower of Treasure (Secure your Secrets) “to protect her identity online, and” Kind Kingdom (It’s Cool to Be Kind) “, devoted to online harassment.

Google has also announced a partnership with the YMCA to help parents to talk about social media, cyber-harassment and misinformation on to their children.