Hapsatou Sy filled by Vincent Cerutti : it was crack her parents

It is in 2015 that our colleagues Here have revealed the love story between Hapsatou Sy and Vincent Cerutti. A year later, the couple welcomed their first child, a little girl named Abbie and today aged 2 and a half years. After a traditional family, the reporter on the tv has managed to make her accept her companion. As she explains in the magazine Public, today, her mother is even completely under the charm !

Thus, the current goes very well between Vincent Cerutti and his wife’s parents. “At the beginning, they would have liked me to marry a man of the same culture and the same origin, necessarily, because it is in their traditions, lance Hapsatou Sy. But as soon as they met up with Vincent, they worshipped him. My mother is crazy about him, even when he is wrong, she gives him reason ! (laughter)

If the facilitator 38-year-old has been able to make a place within this family mauritanian and senegalese, it is not by chance. “It must be said that he behaved in a way very authentic and natural, he came to Senegal with my parents and is melted in the mass, despite its large size“, she says with humor.

Together, Hapsatou Sy, and Vincent Cerutti were the projects full the head ! In January 2017, in the face of Evelyne Thomas in It is my choice (Chérie 25), the beautiful brown had entrusted him to be ready for the wedding and consider a nice request : “I have no idea, but I think of it often, I am looking for something incomparable, of course, because we, men, you always want to be as unique as it is side predator, the cat. I try to think about ideas, I have not yet found the right one, but I’m ready, so we’ll see !” For the time being, no union in sight, but maybe a little brother or a little sister for Abbie. “When you come from a family of eight, it is hard to imagine having an only child“, had entrusted Hapsatou Sy in April 2017 on C8.

The interview of Hapsatou Sy is to find it in full in the magazine Public, currently on newsstands.