Hapsatou Sy, a millionaire, and then ruined ? She finally responds !

In parallel to his career as a columnist for the tv, Hapsatou Sy is entrepreneur. Beauty Salons, cosmetics brand… The young wife of 38 years has chained the projects. But, in 2018, she would have encountered financial difficulties. Some said they were even completely ruined ! With our colleagues from the magazine Public, the lover of the facilitator Vincent Cerutti makes things clear.

Today, Hapsatou Sy provides “live rather well“. “I would not have the rudeness to say that I am ruined, while I know what it is that the poverty. I grew up with parents who were struggling to make ends meet, once again, I was poor, I know what it is, “says the business woman. As well, the mom of the little Abbie (2 and a half years), born of his romance with Vincent Cerutti, refuses to say ruined : “I shall think myself ruined in the day where my parents will eat more to satisfy their hunger.

Recall that the ex-columnist of Thierry Ardisson in The Earthlings Sunday (C8) was born in Chaville, Hauts-de-Seine. With his seven brothers and sisters as well as her parents, she lived in a council flat with three rooms. “My childhood was wildly joyful, we lived modestly, but we wanted for nothing“, remembers Hapsatou Sy.

Regarding their finances, the young mother had to face a hard hit last year. So that her beauty products were sold in a boutique loft of the 12th arrondissement of Paris, it was mixed with a case of unpaid rent, but dragging from February 2016, as noted by our colleagues of Closer. Last September, after the clash between Eric Zemmour and Hapsatou Sy on the plateau of Thierry Ardisson, the host, black had taken the floor, saying he advanced the wages of six programs at its columnist who has a lot of money problems. “It is so wicked, that when someone says ‘I can’t pay my taxes’, he put forward six emissions. I know not a lot of productions that make it to Paris, “he added.

The interview of Hapsatou Sy is to find it in full in the magazine Public, currently on newsstands.