Harrison Ford confirms and reassures the fans : the making of Indiana Jones 5 will begin the next year


Good news for fans of Indiana Jones ! Harrison Ford was present to Disneyland to visit the new attraction Star Wars, in its capacity as the interpreter of Han Solo. Variety took the opportunity to inquire on the status of the next Indiana Jones – the fifth of the series, the actor, 76-year-old has revealed that the shooting “should begin over the next year.” Enthusiastic, he has served his impatience and assured that “everything was getting into place”.

In the summer of 2018, Spielberg told Empire on the occasion of the Rakuten TV Awards that the filming would be taking place :

“It is always worth the trouble when I am required to work with all these british actors so talented. The players, the team, the small hands, the drivers – all those who have to make films here, and will continue to help me make my films here when I return in April 2019 turn the fifth Indiana Jones here.”

Since, it was flat calm and the fans of the adventurer from the hat were not new; this declaration Ford confirms that the film is well on track, despite a delay relative to the schedule original.

Information to the account-drop

If these two small phrases of Ford are welcome, it is that the information was scarce on the subject. There are only two certainties at the present time : the non-removable, Steven Spielberg, will remain at the realization, and Harrison Ford will be -obviously- “Indy”. At the level of the music, Digital Trends believes that the composer John Williams will again with the wand, after its work on the first four episodes. According to Collider, the responsibility of the scenario would have been awarded to Jonathan Kasdan (screenwriter of the spin-off Solo : A Star Wars Story in which Ford played Han Solo) rather than to David Knoepp, screenwriter for Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull or even Jurassic Park. On the other hand, no information has yet filtered out on the plot or the title of this episode, which should be the last of Harrison Ford if we are to believe the statements made by Spielberg to the Sun in April 2018.