Heidi Klum : The gorgeous surprise of his beloved for his 46-year-old

For the birthday of his sweetheart Heidi Klum, Tom Kaulitz has seen things in a big way. On his account Instagram, his twin, Bill Kaulitz has published all the staging and all the decoration imagined by its Tom. Red balloons in the shape of a heart, rose petals, candles, everything is there !

To make a surprise to his lover of 46 years, the musician 29-year-old did not hesitate to put the package. In fact, he wanted to surprise Heidi who accompanies their group Tokio Hotel during their tour in Europe. It was after the concert, when she returned in the boxes that the pretty blonde has found the rest of the scene.

Bill Kaulitz has also sent a message via Instagram to the top German : “HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the best Heidi Klum. I love you.

Heidi Klum has thanked her darling Tom Kaulitz by posting another message on his account Instagram. We discovered Heidi and Tom hugging, then kissing languidly on several shots. Obviously very in love with his sweetheart, Tom has a blissful smile, and seems satisfied with his small effect. A bouquet of red roses huge is placed in the center of the photograph and a few party favors are still visible on the sofa behind them. Nothing to say, Tom Kaulitz is a good man to marry…

Heidi Klum is engaged to Tom Kaulitz on 25 December 2018, their marriage would be planned for the end of the year 2019. No doubt that their marriage will be more romantic when we see the little touches to Tom for his future wife…