Hisense will launch an OLED tv more “affordable” in France

In a few years, OLED technology has become increasingly important in the industry. This is especially the case on laptops top of the range, which are increasingly the choice of such plates. They make it possible to take advantage of black absolute (leds are off) and a contrast beautiful, while consuming less than that of technologies based on the backlight.

But the segment where it is fully expressed is clearly that of the tv. LG (which produces the plates), Sony, Philips, Panasonic and others offer all their models since a good time already. Considered as the holy Grail among film lovers, these screens cost a small fortune. If prices are falling slowly, they still remain very high, especially on the models of 65 inches.

The brand Hisense also launched on this market, and hopes to reduce the note to attract more customers. She comes to announce the arrival of its tv H55O8B in the hexagon. This tv 55-inch will be sold for 1990 euros. The model 65-inch is not intended. In comparison, the last C9 in LG for the same size costs him 2490 euros.

Given that Hisense is provided at LG, we can already expect a model Ultra HD 10-bit refreshed at 100/120 Hz, compatible with HDR. Important Point, it should be compatible with Dolby Vision Atmos. The latter should be available in the course of the summer.

Its official price is certainly lower than that of its competitors, but it is now possible to find excellent OLED TV of the last generation for cheaper. The differences being insignificant from one year to another, we advise you always to opt for this option. On the other hand, this means that when its price will decline, it could become one of the most affordable. Case to follow, so !