Huawei stops part of its production to Foxconn

In full whirlwind since Donald Trump has decided to insulate Huawei from all of its us partners, the chinese company is taking its precautions and seems to have stopped many of the production lines at Foxconn, probably in order to avoid ending up with too many unsold.

According to the South China Morning Post, this would be almost half of the production that would have been stopped at the request of Huawei, with no date of return to normal has not been announced. Necessarily, there is no doubt the reason which has pushed Huawei to reduce its production, while the potential buyers begin gently to deviate from Huawei in favour of the manufacturers whose future is assured, as Samsung who does not hesitate to surf on the trials and tribulations of its competitor and offers to take back the smartphone of the chinese brand in exchange for his own.

While Huawei was evidence of a trust without a flaw for over two years, and that his ambition was to become the number 1 selling smartphone by 2020, the future of the brand today appears to be well compromise. But it is without counting on the response of china, which could deflate american pressure.

“If the United States wants to talk about it, we’ll keep the door open. If they want confrontation, we are ready “, said Guo Weimin, the vice-minister of information in China, determined to protect Huawei. The case continues, and the next few weeks are likely once again to be very hectic for the chinese manufacturer.