IFOP survey : who are the new tight-fisted ?

Credits Disney

Efficient assumed or pingres sickly ? The site Radins.com recently interested in the new tight-fisted, those French, always on the lookout for the slightest promotion or small good plan and pleasure. Without surprise, the stingy 2.0 collects more necessarily the coupons offered at the cashier (even though 64% of respondents consider this practice as valuable in a potential spouse), but will rather prefer to go browsing on the Internet to find the best deal at the best price. A behavior exacerbated among young people under 25 years of age, who are 83% preferred the right business at the time of passing in the box.

If today, the nit seems to fully assume its part economical, the IFOP study unveiled this morning also reveals the behaviours, the most maddening among our friends flu-under. The head of the list, the fact of arranging to not pay the bill at the restaurant “is eclipsing” discreetly at the time of taking out the blue card. What you get (in reason) for a person “infréquentable” for 55% of the respondents. Other-usually more common, but equally infuriating, always ask for a cigarette to his friends or to his colleagues, always choose the restaurants with reduction, or not leaving a tip to the server after a meal.

Fortunately, being frugal is not always a flaw, and more and more French are now demanding their talent to find the very best plans. 81% of the respondents explain as well wait for the sales to make good business, particularly in respect to travel and the gifts. 78% explain, moreover, to favour the free activities in the case of output, such as museums or public parks, for example. To reassure the 51% of the French, who had already had to endure the remarks and the teasing of those around them on their stinginess.