iMovie : management of green funds and the end of the iMovie Theater

Big update for iMovie on iOS and of lesser importance on a Mac. On mobile, the video editing application now manages green funds : you can automatically remove the background of scenes to be filmed in front of a green background (or blue).

For this, it is necessary to select the image or video to replace the green background and select the corresponding option (our first test was not conclusive). It has tools to adjust the intensity of the transparency, as well as to exclude an area of the mask.

In addition, the application now handles images with transparent background, there is a new thought to insert its logo in the top of the video. In the same vein, it becomes possible to add pictures overlays to create effects, picture-in-picture or split-screen.

iMovie iOS was enriched by addition of 80 new bands, its varied which adapt automatically to the length of the video. The application integrates with the passage ClassKit, which allows students to send their work to the teacher for the app In the Classroom.

There are no additions, there is also a withdrawal. The function iMovie Theater, which synchronizes the iMovie projects via iCloud, it disappears. Instead, Apple simply tells to save his films, and trailers in the photo library iCloud. For those who have videos in iMovie Theater (tab Film), they are accessible from the menu •••, at the bottom of the Projects screen.

On Mac, the update of iMovie also removes the sharing to iMovie Theater and improves the quality conversion of multimedia files that are incompatible at a very low resolution and the ability to import iMovie projects from iOS.

If you want to go further than iMovie on the Mac and iOS, a major new version of Luma Fusion will be available on mobile on June 17, and a port Mac is in preparation for this fall.