“In their eyes” blew up the counters from Netflix in the United States

“In their eyes “ (” When they see us “) was released last may 31, but panics already counters viewing on Netflix. The firm has also recently explained that it was the show the most watched in the United States on a daily basis.

Performed by Ava Duvernay, this series composed of four episodes, tells the true story of the ” Central Park Five “, a group of boys of afro-american wrongly accused of the terrible assault and rape of a jogger in the famous park in new york in 1989. The trial of this crime committed by another (identified and arrested in 2002) held the country in suspense, while highlighting the problems of racism in the US.

Duvernay has recently published a tweet indicating that more than 23 million accounts Netflix had logged on to watch his mini-series since its release. A true plebiscite, that she was only waiting for maybe not seen her message, when she appeared very moved.

“Imagine that the world does not care, true stories about Blacks. This to me has always been sad. Netflix just told me that more than 23 million accounts in the world have looked at WhenTheySeeUs, I cried. Our stories are important and can travel around the world. A new truth for a new day. “

Moreover, it has also reaffirmed its commitment to the platform, what it stands for already for a while. It considers in particular that the films Netflix would be eligible for the Oscars. Interviewed by the New York Times, she has clearly conveyed his message. The choice was simple […] Let me put my work on a platform where it can actually be seen rather than running after a theater release where in two years, people will say ” what was that, is it on Netflix ? “It is, therefore, an excellent operation for the platform.