Ingrid Chauvin and adoption : what it has demanded for the baby

This is no longer a secret : for Ingrid Chauvin, the adoption of a child is the race against the clock and the time plays against it. The star of Tomorrow belongs to us will lose its accreditation next November and will likely not give to his son Tom , a brother or a sister. Which puts it out of her.

The star of 45 years is expressed at length in the pages of the magazine Gala about her struggle for the adoption, which gives rise to a documentary aired on TF1 on June 10 2310. “If the popularity allows you to move the lines, it is a chance. I entered. As a voice. If I can’t adopt, I will accept it, but I will not stop wanting to save the children. I’m waiting for a national law relating to the adoption to make the adoptability to the youngest, because, the more it takes to adopt a child, the greater the trauma settles down“, calm-t-it.

Ingrid Chauvin, who has given birth to Tom in June 2016 after having been marked by the death of his daughter Jade , which occurred in 2014, opened her adoption file several years ago and it had been briefly paused at the time of the birth of her little boy. Since, the procedure is restarted and the star admits to having said a single criterion for refusal. “We just asked that it not be sick. With what we have experienced, this is understandable. I became phobic of hospitals“, she explains. Actually, it’s understandable that the actress did not want to relive the anxiety generated by the heart defect of his late daughter.

Admitting “a sense of frustration“, the wife of film director Thierry Peythieu hope that his speech will move the way in which the adoption procedures in France, because “everything is decided at the departmental level“. And to recall the alarming figures : “there are 13 000 parents who have approval, and only 1200 children who are adopted each year.

Thomas Montet

The full interview of Ingrid Chauvin is back in the Gala, on newsstands June 6, 2019.