Intel would auction 8 500 patents on telecommunications

Intel is preparing to auction approximately 8 500 patents, including an overwhelming majority in the area of the cell. IAM, a website specialising in news on the intellectual property of companies, specifies that 6,000 patents relate to connections with 3G, 4G, and 5G. Some 1 700 are related to wireless technologies and other 500 for connected products, with potential applications in the electronics industry and semi-conductors. In spite of this volume, Intel would still be a stock a result of inventions.

IAM suggests that the use of auctions to be carried out in parallel to the efforts of Intel in the search of a buyer for his work as a modem, the two operations do not merge. However, a buyer may be interested by the whole.

For several weeks the flow of information about discussions between Apple and Intel for the transfer of this division modem, now that the founder has thrown in the towel for the design of a chip 5G.

This decision from Intel, which should be formalized in mid-summer, recalls a previous sale of patents to large scale, those of the equipment manufacturer Nortel, in 2011. It is a consortium formed by Apple, Sony, Microsoft, BlackBerry and Ericsson, which had prevailed in the face of Google, with a cheque of $ 4.5 billion.