iOS 13 : the apps can no longer track your location continuously by default

Among all the changes brought by iOS 13, it is perhaps the most important for the protection of private data, and yet the one that you agacera the most in everyday life. By default, the applications will not be able to track your location continuously. You will receive a notification when an application tries to locate you in the background.

You will love to see this alert in the iOS 13.

The goal is clear : to prevent that any app can track you without a good reason. When you launch an application for the first time, you will be able to give him a permission to access your location data, but this permission is now temporary. If the application must continue to follow you, you will receive a second notification.

You will then be able to decide on the legitimacy of this query : we understand that a browser application to access the GPS chip in your device, it comprises a little less than a social networking app wants to be granted the same right. Some applications tried already to bypass the old authorization message in the operator network data to obtain an approximate localization.

Others used the same Bluetooth chip to contact the surrounding items, which could then play the role of relay for tracking your device. This is no longer possible, at least not discreetly. With iOS 13, you will receive an alert as soon as an application tries to use the Bluetooth chip. Of course, these requests are often legitimate — but ” often “ does not mean ” always “.