iOS 13 : a new option to limit the ageing of the batteries

The battery management has always been a case-sensitive, and even more since Apple has forced the degradation of the performance of the iPhone a little old to preserve the autonomy. Since then, the manufacturer has made amends by offering more information on the state of the battery, as well as a setting to maintain the performance of its device (and a replacement program of battery 29 €).

But the builder does not stop in so good way. A new option for Recharging-optimized battery made its appearance in the settings of iOS 13 (Battery > battery Status). Enabled by default, it is supposed to limit the aging of the battery.

Apple says that the iPhone is based on the habits of charging day-to-day to hold the charge ” beyond 80% “, that is, until we use the device. Of course, it is a little difficult at the present time to see what this function was in the belly and its relevance.