iOS 13 : Safari automatically makes the household in the tabs

The team in charge of the development of Safari for iOS has much phosphorous for the next version of the browser. The grind available in iOS 13 thus contains a lot of new features to make users ‘ lives easier, such as the management of tabs, which have a tendency to accumulate and collect dust.

The trick is known : to quickly close all the tabs at once, simply hold your finger on the icon displaying the preview of the tabs in the bottom right of the menu bar (on iPhone) or top right (on the iPad). The option to delete tabs allows you to set additional offering to automatically close the tabs on a daily basis, weekly, or monthly.

More need to bother to think to close regularly the tabs, the browser can do the cleaning at your place ! We find this setting in the preferences in Safari > Tabs > Close tabs.

Always to the chapter tabs, Safari can save the open tabs as bookmarks. It is necessary to maintain the finger on the icon of a bookmark and then touch the new option Add bookmarks to X tabs. The browser will create a new folder Tabs stored in which it will slide off the addresses of those tabs. Only problem is that Safari will not store the next bookmark in the same folder, it will again create a folder Tabs saved (or any other name). A bug due to the status beta to iOS 13 ?