Isabelle Albertine, pianist of the Opera house, was hit by a scooter in Paris

I’m afraid I will never be able to play again as before, “said Isabelle, Albertine, 60, a pianist from the Paris Opera for over thirty years. In an interview in Paris this June 2, 2019, the musician told the unfortunate accident which she was the victim of the may 17 final in Paris, the day she was struck by a scooter electric.

I heard nothing, nor seen it coming“, remembered accompanying music, the small rats of the Opera Garnier. Isabelle Albertine was crossing the garden-Nelson Mandela, in front of the canopy of les Halles, when she was hit by one of the many scooters, electric that have invaded Paris since several months. In the end, the pianist whose hands are so precious is left with a double fracture of the right arm. Even if it has been operated in a specialized clinic of the hand, she fears she would never play the piano as before : “All I know is that the rehabilitation will be long and difficult. I fear terribly not to find the sensitivity of my right hand, the strength in my arm, and agility.”

Isabelle Albertine account well do not stay there. In addition to filing a complaint against the City of Paris, she decided to create an association to fight against the anarchy of urban and antisocial behaviour : “On the sidewalks of Paris, it is a mess. We, the pedestrians, are in total insecurity, she said. We are beset by the scooters that travel the sidewalks, the scooters that seem, by all the two-wheelers due to construction everywhere and incivility. Me, I would like to find safety !” A witness that occurs while the national Assembly focuses this week on the law of orientation on the mobility aimed, in particular, to regulate the use of scooters electrical.