Izabel Goulart and Kevin Trapp : The lover very tactile in Mykonos

Kevin Trapp still has a few days of respite before being fixed on his fate. Where the goalkeeper of the German 28-year-old will go there after the end of its history with the PSG ? If the track Frankfurt – where he plays for a season on loan – is for the time privileged, nothing is confirmed.

Well away from these negotiations which involve his agent and the club officers, Kevin Trapp takes advantage of his summer break to spend a good time with the woman that the height of happiness : Izabel Goulart. Engaged since July 2018, the beautiful athlete and the brazilian model is 34 years old know how to keep the flame alive. Since always, the lovers experience a gripping story, and very tactile. Their new holidays to Mykonos are a perfect place to let their desire to kiss constantly express themselves.

On 25 June 2019, Izabel Goulart and Kevin Trapp were spotted in the beautiful villa they had rented at the edge of the pool. She tiny bikini, fashion brazilian with the version string for the bottom, him exposing his muscular torso in a pair of shorts of bath, the conditions were perfectly satisfied to live lazily this parenthesis idyllic.

As soon as they arrive in the paradise Greek on June 23, with a passage through the Ridge to reach Mykonos, the bride and groom had been very much in love, hugging and kissing at the airport.

Both are very active on Instagram, they are not deprived of share a few images from their vacation, Izabel Goulart, building on her pretty butt bounced and Kevin Trapp on his abs.